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The Ebooks of Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf publishes ebooks through a variety of distributors, including KDP (Amazon's kindle publishing service), Smashwords, Draft2Digital and This gives the ebooks as great a reach as possible in all ebook formats, and sees the novels distributed to Apple's iTunes, Barnes and Noble for the Nook, and to Kobo.

The Slayer

Jason Wolfe awakes in a strange bed in a strange apartment, and finds photographs on the walls appearing to show himself over time as a different person, a Slayer to the Emperor of Albion.
Jay finds himself in the middle of schemes, trying to balance different factions of people, knowing all the time that he does not have the skills of his alternate self, and will have to rely more on his wits and less on his fighting prowess to survive.

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Phoenix - Poetry and Photographs

Phoenix is a collection of over sixty of Grey Wolf's poems, illustrated with photographs from around the UK, taken by the author. The work of a quarter of a century of writing, Phoenix is published through Smashwords for all available ebook formats. Through syndication, it is also available at ibooks/itunes, and through Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

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Never The Dawn

Never The Dawn is an epic alternate history set in an alternate world where the Empire of Albion rules a great chunk of the Earth, and where its war in West Africa is going badly wrong. Globes of lights are attacking outposts and aiding native resistance, seeming impervious to modern arms.

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The Mailed Fist

The Mailed Fist is a short story set in an alternate reality where the great powers have made the first steps into space, but where an alien artifact comes calling. Our hero works for a publishing house, loves a fast and loose girl called Sophie and frequents pubs where live music is played.

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To Deliver The Future

To Deliver The Future is set in a world where a cold war between Nazi Germany and the USA exists, but where both have developed secret weapons programmes. Nazi Germany decides on the ultimate gamble - to strike at the heart of America, before the Americans can strike at them.

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How To Write Alternate History

How To Write Alternate History consists of a series of articles by Grey Wolf, exploring many different aspects of alternate history, whether it is narrative stories, or timelines that one is constructing. Grey Wolf looks deep into plausibility, butterflies and the near-likely from the almost-reality.

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Beholder (Book 1 of The Ariadne Cycle)

Beholder is set in the world of a space-faring human Imperium, where large worlds in miniature have been built, such as Station One. Traders, pirates and criminals (not all of them outside the government) combine with adventure and the quest to construct a sentient A.I., all in the face of the threat offered by the alien Delh Triumvirate.

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Time of The Darkness

Time of The Darkness is a novel that starts off as Alternate History in the year 1900 and develops into Science-Fiction that by the year 3300 A.D. has seen the Earth empires develop into galactic empires, and comes upon an ancient menace that terrifies the elder races.

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Advantage is a science-fiction anthology by Grey Wolf, including the eponymous short story Advantage, and The Curse of Duty, another short. Multi-chapter story An Introduction is featured in its whole, as are teasers for the forthcoming novels Bellerophon and Cerberus.

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Ten Naval Battles

Ten Naval Battles tells the story of an alternate history from the mid 18th century to the mid 19th century through the eyes of a historian writing about the ten most decisive naval battles of this period. Read about the Egyptians defeating the French, events in the North American colonies, and the formation of a federal Germany. Also includes the start of Ten Great Leaders with the Duc d'Andorra.

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