The Hai Lung Class Destroyers

In 1898, Schichau at Elbing built four destroyers for China, the 280 ton Hai Lung class
:- Hai Lung , Hai Ching , Hai Nju and Hai Hoha.

These four destroyers were seized by the British destroyers Fame and Whiting on 17 June 1900 while they were moored alongside the outer wharves of the Taku dockyard on the Pei Ho river. The four destroyers were then distributed among four of the navies involved in the intervention; Britain, France, Russia, and Germany got one destroyer each, whilst Japan had to be content with a gunboat captured in dock.

The British received the Hai Lung, the Chinese commodore's destroyer and was renamed Taku.
The Hai Hoha became the Russian Lt. Burakov.
The other two ships became the French Takou and the German Taku.
Thus from one class came three destroyers with the same name in different navies.

The final fates of these ships were :-

British Taku was sold 26 Oct. 1916 at Hong Kong and scrapped.

French Takou was placed on the French naval list on 20 June 1900. She ran aground on Poulo Condor Island, China, on 22 Feb. 1911. She was refloated on 27 April 1911 but was condemned on 30 Sept. 1911 as not worth repairing and scrapped at Saigon.

German Taku was commissioned in the German navy on 6 Dec. 1900. She was discarded on 13 June 1914. Scuttled at Tsing Tao on 28 Sept. 1914.

Russian Lt. Burakov was attacked by two Japanese picket boats fitted with torpedoes (from the battleships Mikasa and Fuji) during the night 23/24 July 1904 at Take Bay, a few miles east of Port Arthur. She was severely damaged by the explosion and beached. On 26 July 1904 she broke in two and sank.