Grey Wolf

SciFi & Alternate History Author

Poet and Photographer

Grey Wolf is a writer, poet and photographer based in his ancestral home of South Wales.

Having been writing since childhood, he wrote his first alternate history scenario in the early 1980s with Prime Minister Roy Jenkins being kidnapped by agents unknown whilst walking with his entourage through a pedestrian underpass. By the late 1980s he was writing fantasy novels, and used the conventions of epic fantasy as a gateway into poetry.

The 1990s saw the development of a strand of more gritty poetry, and an increasing focus on alternate history and science fiction stories, now mostly written on digital word processing platforms. Those which were lucky were saved on floppy discs.

By the Millennium, he was writing and posting on message boards, where he developed the name Grey Wolf, and extended his range of alternate history writing into more hard-core historical novels. In 2013, he began to experiment with self-publishing, and in 2014 together with a group of talented people launched the literature and arts magazine Innovate, which lasted for 10 issues, seeing out the year.

He was a joint founder of independent publisher Purple Unicorn Media in late 2014, and later developed the business alone. His surviving published works are now in print from this business, and its imprints. Latterly, he edited AHF Magazine for 12 issues, and now edits Infinity Wanderers magazine.

In 2020 he wrote the first parts of The Shifting Sands, the initial book in the series being published in 2022, with a cover (above) by Robin Stacey.